Trust Starts With Transparency

We’re building the

first public well-being

assessment platform

Consumers have new expectations, responsible businesses must pledge and communicate their diligent safety protocols so people can assess the environment they’re going to be serviced in. The communication begins prior to visiting and is proven upon arrival. 
The new business environment is going to be a challenge for most brands and that’s where we come in.

Our Story

Founded in Los Angeles, we are a 19-year old software development agency that experienced our business freefall when the COVID crisis began in the United States. We began to pivot our company after an experience our founder witnessed.

Early in March our founder, Tamer Abdel went to a local restaurant to pick-up dinner and noticed the couple next to him began to shout at the restaurant manager because they noticed the staff were not wearing masks and gloves.

The anxiety Tamer and a large majority of the public experience on a daily basis walking into public places (Restaurants, Supermarkets, Doctors, Hotels, etc...) and how every business handles the safety guidelines differently was a big problem. That’s when Tamer said, “the only solution to keep businesses open and everyone safe is for the business to commit and completely be transparent in how they plan on keeping customers and the community safe every day.”

So we went to work while in quarantine, we created the first and only technology platform that keeps businesses transparent and people safe.

Our Mission Statements

For Businesses

Our mission is to build our country back to full strength by boosting consumer confidence. 

For Consumers

Our mission is to reduce virus anxiety by keeping businesses honest and transparent.

Distribute With Us

We are seeking only the very best salespeople in America to represent our products within an exclusive territory.


Partner With Us

When you partner with PWT, you create opportunities to engage local businesses and more deeply in their communities. PWT is an ideal partner to achieve widespread social impact. We create win-win partnerships that respond effectively to the COVID-19 social and business challenges.


Give customers peace of mind

Keep employees safe

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